Subject: File No. S7-25-06
From: Robert M Hill
Affiliation: Retired small business owner

January 27, 2007

I strongly believe our government will be doing a disservice to the american people if they raise the requirements for investing in hedge funds.

I do not buy into the argument that having over X amount net worth makes you any more of a sophisticated investor then someone with less money. With the rules all ready in place no one has been able to create a new worth over 1 million dollars by investing in hedge funds. So having a high net worth doesn't mean you know any more about investing in hedge funds than any one else.

Most people acquired their high net worth either because they were lucky or by listening to their advisors, no one came out of the womb knowing it all.

Most people are not experts at buying homes, insurance, stocks, options, or futures so they use advisors to help them make these decisions. I believe all americans should be able to use advisors to help them buy hedge funds.

The government should not be limiting our choices but expanding our choices and helping us manage the risk of each of those choices. So the government should allow everyone to be able to invest in hedge funds and providing the systems in the financial community so that all the risks of any investment are known and determine on an individual basis if the investor can afford to lose all of their position or not.