Subject: File No. S7-25-06
From: Carl Erickson

January 27, 2007

-As a retail investor monitoring and adjusting my retirement portfoli, I am appaled at your idea to exclude ever more investors from access to hedge funds. Why would anyone try to discrimate against the vast majority of citizens, simply to protect the turf of brokerages and/or the mutual fund industry. If they can't stand the competition, get into another line of work. First of all, any regulation to control the lives of citizens is discrimintory and in many cases uninforcable. Why would you even think of discriminating against the less wealthy citizens of this country by limiting their investment choices. Should choices be extended to the rich and not to everyone.? I think not. Stop trying to protect people from themselves. You should be more interested in opening up investment opportunities to the "less than rich" rather than limiting them. Or perhaps you could do your job in regulating the sell-side behaviors tht so rampantly distort the marketplace? Wouldn't that be a nice change?