Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: william f mitchell
Affiliation: owner of sec. and your employor(citizen)

September 7, 2006

"we the people" interesting phase that should bring forth feelings of pride and country. well maybe some have forgotten that we the people do provide for the sec. and let them keep their jobs. nomally when an emplyee does a poor job or forgets to protect his employor they get fired. the sec started out a few years ago saying that naked shorting was not even real and now is trying to write new rules to stop it. i think that is great, but here is a thought, try enforcing the old rules and throw a few crooks into jail the shorting problem will get fixed then most likely a few government employees might go also, but we the people have charged you with the job of protecting the markets from crooks(NOT SHAREHOLDERS). so please get on with your job and fix this problem before it does pull the market down and we all lose our jobs.