Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Tim Lee

March 28, 2007

I ask that you do not post my previous email to you. I wrote that out of haste and aggervation. I do NOT agree with the Grandfather clause nor the Reg sho, but I do realize the SEC has a very difficult job at hand trying to undo all the harm caused from years of abuse.

I don't think the answers are in continuing the stall of the inevetable. Reform is a must and cannot be allowed to stall any longer and I ask you to do the right thing and fix this problem once and for all.

It is not right for the rich to get richer, while the poor continues to struggle. I realize many companies are not legit but many many are, this is why they go public, as you very well know. Is it right or fair for a company to be shorted to zero and put out of business while shorty gets away scott free and never has to cover FTD's? NO...

Please Mr. Cox step up to the plate and stop this insanity and make America once again strong and morally right and legal.
Tim Lee