Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: stephen g miller
Affiliation: ad, bsn, lrea

February 20, 2007


i am writing in regards to regulation sho as it is called .
to repeal the grandfathering clause for fails to deliver .

the problem is so deep and vast that many may not fathom the long term damage this lack of action is doing to our country and the future of our country. when you have hedge fund c.e.o's making 100 million take home pay , this has to tell you something, the market is rigged plain and simple. like the robber barons of old. please protect us and not the sherrif of nottingham.

think about it , this regulation lets them off the hook for wiping out thousands and thousand of life savings for families . dreams and hopes vanquished. educational
dreams lost for children . if they sold the stocks
then they must buy them , make the accountability call.
we have to let the world know our country and currency is still strong.

please i implore you to take the challenge and and not be afraid , yes many investors feel you are afraid of wall street .

send them a message before our country is lost , for in your hearts you truly know this is right and just.

thank you stephen miller