Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Paul Burkett

March 3, 2007

To whom it may concern,

I am wondering why no decision on repealing the Grandfather clause on Reg SHO? Comment period ended on Sept 19, 2006. Is someone in the SEC afraid to make a decision? I would go so far as to direct this more pointedly to Annette Nazareth or Mr. Cox So, what is the problem? Dont you think its time to stop the stall tactic and get on with putting up a vote yes or no? Lets stop with the delays and make a decision one way or another. We do have lawsuits starting over naked shorting, and there are Senators as well as other public officials watching over you on this vote. You, I feel certain, as to which Senators are watching are well aware. It is TIME that you make a decision so we know where you stand on this matter and what type of public servant you are. What type you REALLY are.

We know one person felt that naked shorting was just an excuse for CEO's to attempt to cry out and make their stock go up in price. I also feel certain you are familiar with whom this was.

Today is now March 03,2007, its time to decide. Time to quit thinking you are unaccessable to public scrutiny and time to do your job. Time to make a decision. Its long overdue, the time is NOW.

I am merely one of approximately 40,000 CMKX stockholders who are watching your progress on a day to day basis. To see whom you are serving; self, your friends and those you feel are influential people or in fact those to whom you should be concerned about, the average person, the average stockholder, yes, the average citizen of the U.S..

Thank you,

Paul Burkett