Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: John Q. Marketmaker
Affiliation: Wall St. Boutique Specialist Firm

February 14, 2007


The overwhelming preponderance of these whiny Type "A" letters is starting to concern me. I mean-- these people expect the SEC to provide a level playing field such that the suckers, er, "investors" actually can buy and sell securities in a market in which actual genuine supply and demand govern the price rather than where I need to take the price to guarantee that I make a profit(??). Gawd, these people have their nerve...

Can't you rustle up some ginned up academic type to at least write another type B" letter to reassert the need to allow market distortions to continue to avoid (Yikes) a short squeeze?? (It hurts my heart and pocketbook just to think of that...)

Hang in there and remain stong, as you have these past few years since the glorious SHO Reg of '05.

One last thought.... why don't you leave the comment period on this open indefinitely so that you can simple delay indefinitely any need to act? At least gimme another two years. I figure that about all I need to retire to the Hamptons.

All the Best