Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Jack Miyler
Affiliation: Proud Citizen of the United States of America

March 28, 2007

Chairman Cox,
The first comment wasn't sufficient, how about a bedtime story......

Once upon a time in a large oak tree Momma and Papa bird were sitting. They were deciding where to build their nest. A spot was found and construction began immediately. Just the right sticks in just the right place, oh what a beautiful nest it was. They both flew back and admired the work they had done. Something was missing. Papa bird knew. A larger stick maybe, on the left side...hmmmm. He got it, placed it and Moma bird approved it. The nesting began.
After some serious hugging and cuddling, three eggs appeared in the nest. The most brilliant green an eye could behold. She sat, he sat, the eggs must be warmed.
It was a friendly neighborhood. The robins above, sparrows below, and the cocks in the maple across the way. Springtime was bliss and the nesting was grand until the shorts moved in. Tufted, narrow birds with very unattractive plumage on top and legs naked from hip to toe. Scrawny
Next morning when Papa bird was out to fetch some water, the naked shorts made their move. They swooped down to the perfect little nest and by standing on the larger stick that was placed with such care; they pecked and pecked at the brilliant green eggs. Momma bird was fast and brave and she swooped and peeped and fought the naked shots till Papa got back and drove them away.
With all the commotion, Mr. Cocks from the maple tree across the way came to see if he could help. He spied the larger stick that was put in to the nest and with a mighty pull threw the stick to the ground. There he said, that was too close, it gave the naked shorts a place to stand so they could peck at your eggs. The naked shorters never returned...
Moral of the story.. If Mr. Cocks would take the large sticks out of all the nests the brilliant green eggs across the U.S. would be safe and the naked shorts wouldnt have a place to stand.