Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: JoAnn C Lewis
Affiliation: Retired

September 17, 2006

Regulations SHO is a joke and I hope all involved will see the error of their ways.You may think you are helping the public investor when actually the truth is that those in control at the SEC have been protecting the Market Makers, Hedge Funds and the Brokers.

Hopefully the truth will out and justice will be served. You have managed to rape and pillage the American investor by naked shorting and allowing the failure to delivers to continue. If Social Security is done away with and we have to contend with the markets for our retirements, America will become the poorest nation instead of the most prosperous one. Is this where we are heading?

You have to know that there will always be crooks and you must find a way to control/eliminate/punish so they will not find the naked (counterfeiting) shorting of stocks such an attractive proposition.

It is said tha cmkx is the most shorted stock in hstory. If that is so, it also very sad. We have a very large shareholder base and we are determined to be heard. I think we have proven that already with the many emails we have already sent, not only to you but to those elected officials of our own communities. We are making them aware of the wrongs that are being done daily and asking for their support also.

I am afraid that your reputation with the American public is ruined and may be beyond redemption, however, if I were you I would certainly attempt to repair the damage that your agency, as a whole has done.

I read the article in AARP regarding Mr Cox and his concern for his parent who had been scammed and felt good about him taking his positon. Now, however, I am having second thoughts. Whatever your decison, I hope that you will be able to sleep with it.