Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: G Smith, Mr

February 18, 2007

Why no decision on repealing the Grandfather clause on Reg SHO? Comment period ended on Sept 19, 2006. Is someone in the SEC afraid to make a decision? Annette Nazareth or Mr. Cox how about it? Dont you think its time to stop the stall tactic and get on with putting up a vote yes or no? Lets stop with the delays and make a decision one way or another. We got lawsuits starting over naked shorting, and there are Senators watching over you on this vote. Take a guess which Senators are watching? Lets make a decision so we know what side of the fence you are on.
We know one person felt that naked shorting was just an excuse for CEO's to attempt to cry out and make their stock go up in price. Hmmm who said that?
Its now Feb, 18, 2007 its time to decide. Time to get off the pot and do your job make a decision. Its long overdue, the time is now A concerned citizen.