Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: George Gadren

March 28, 2007

Mr. Cox:

What does the SEC not understand or see?

We Americans are tired of being ignored by our Government and it's agencies. Greed, wealth, and the lust for power breathes corruption into every segment of our society. The financial pillage of the average American investor is evidence of that and hence is being scrutinized from around the World today.

The World is listening closely to the rumblings hidden below the surface of once the most prestigious markets in history. Our whole economy depends on confidence in how we run our markets. The SEC has let this market turn into haven for unscrupulous who play by their own rules. Another finger of the powerful hand of America's Financial Institution stands to be cut off by your Agencies stall tactics.

Presently corruption dictates the rules and direction and when will the SEC take up your trust to secure the market and stop dragging correction out?

I remember Nikita Kruschev stating "We will bury you". Maybe the World will outlast us while the SEC helps bury our Great Nation with the seed of financial catastrophe.

The SEC must eliminate the Grandfather Clause and stop being a puppet of big money.

George Gadren