Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: George Fitzpatrick
Affiliation: CEO

March 28, 2007

Dear Mr. Cox

The stock borrow program caused only harm,
And to make NSS shares real by Grand fathering them causes harm,
And that it looks and is anti American to short sale stocks, there are some
Short sellers that will do any thing to drive a company down and harm them.

Just think of the jobs that are lost, it is the companys that make this county strong
and to let them get away with this is a crime and needs to be stopped.

The problems potentially caused by naked short selling
And how wrong it is to try to make the NSS shares real by Grand fathering them
In and hurt the companies and shareholders (That is a True rip off)
Please dont let that happen any more.

SEC Releases Reg. SHO Amendments on 12-03-2006
Securities and Exchange Commission approved proposed amendments to Regulation SHO
amendments are intended to reduce manipulation by not letting any one do short sales on IPO.Commission admits that problems persist on IPOs but cant see that it persist on all stocks
No wonders there are very few IPOs anymore. Companies are getting wise to the corruption

So now you have to say is this my county and what can I do to make it a safe place
For all the companys and the shareholders and not let others take what is not theirs
To sale..

There are remedies for manipulations perpetrated by naked short sellers.
Does not mean that there are no remedies for manipulation by naked
short sellers.
These remedies include law enforcement actions against the wrongdoers
by the government and private actions not Grandfathering in what they
So I ask you please take out the Grandfathering in of shares