Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Brad Bigford E. Bigford

September 15, 2006

I would like to start by saying that i am soley disapointed in the way our stock market is being regulated and watched over. Citizens in this country deserve a better system, and if this means completly revamping the present system, i am all for it. I will no longer sit back and watch these crooks from other countries naked short our stocks and just plain steal from us. I am urging everyone i know to become proactive at this time, i will be contacting my congressman and senators in my state to let them know my displeasure in the way the stock markets are being regulated. My recomendation would be to start taking action to stop these diabolical entities stealing from our investors and country before a huge grassroots movement starts up in this country and sweeps thru like a huricane. I believe at this time people in this counrty have lost a lot of faith in our government to step up to the plate and do what's right for the good honest citizens of this counrty. I urge to you to do whats right for this counrty today.