Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: anonymous anonymoustoo
Affiliation: Member of New Boston Tea Party

March 29, 2007

Short and Sweet
Do you actually READ these letters?

If so, do you actually ACT? oh, silly me. What a stupid question. Of course not, Jim Cramer even said so.

Did any of you watch Phantom Shares? Did you take note of the buffoon Hedge Fund manager blaming brokers? silly me, of course you did. You blame everything on inept management.

You wave the beware of Pinkie Flags, but you allow them to exist. Why? Because their fines generate revenue?

Which brings us to the Grandfather Clause. oh, silly me that was your escape route.

WHAT you have done is influenced one investor, silly me, from making hundreds of trades a year to ZERO,ZIP,NADA

Congratulations to the SEC