Subject: File No. 4-610
From: Susan Munson
Affiliation: Fixed Income Live

July 19, 2011

Dear Field Hearing Committee Members:

I appreciate your commitment to investor education and applaud you for seeing it critical to take the time to interview those of us working in the field on a daily basis.  For near 25 years, I've worked with State and Local Governments and have had the opportunity to experience, first hand, the inner workings and aftermath of not understanding how to ask the right questions.

The Fixed Income Live CFIP Program was created to supply much needed education, primarily to the State and Local Government community.  We believe it can be a valuable tool for you as implement your mission to educate.  Our courses are geared towards "middle-market" fixed income investors since those are the clients we know best and the group where education is especially lacking.  I'm attaching a press release from our learning platform partners, The New England College of Business and Finance, a little more about us, and the link to our page with more information about bond school:


Press Release
Fixed Income Live Summary