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Filing Detail
Form N-CSR - Certified Shareholder Report:
SEC Accession No. 0001398344-23-000458
Filing Date
2023-01-09 16:19:33
Period of Report
Effectiveness Date

Document Format Files

Seq Description Document Type Size
1 fp0081443-1_ncsr.htm N-CSR 10742351
2 fp0081443-1_ex99cert.htm EX-99.CERT 18556
3 fp0081443-1_ex99906cert.htm EX-99.906 CERT 8360
4 GRAPHIC fp0081443-1_01.jpg GRAPHIC 243005
5 GRAPHIC fp0081443-1_02.jpg GRAPHIC 20094
6 GRAPHIC fp0081443-1_03.jpg GRAPHIC 18181
7 GRAPHIC fp0081443-1_04.jpg GRAPHIC 18833
8 GRAPHIC fp0081443-1_05.jpg GRAPHIC 19565
9 GRAPHIC fp0081443-1_06.jpg GRAPHIC 16232
10 GRAPHIC fp0081443-1_07.jpg GRAPHIC 16978
11 GRAPHIC fp0081443-1_08.jpg GRAPHIC 87229
12 GRAPHIC fp0081443-1_09.jpg GRAPHIC 80983
13 GRAPHIC fp0081443-1_10.jpg GRAPHIC 97990
14 GRAPHIC fp0081443-1_11.jpg GRAPHIC 99591
15 GRAPHIC fp0081443-1_12.jpg GRAPHIC 18345
16 GRAPHIC fp0081443-1_13.jpg GRAPHIC 252439
17 GRAPHIC fp0081443_01-1.jpg GRAPHIC 191417
18 GRAPHIC fp0081443_02-1.jpg GRAPHIC 26099
19 GRAPHIC fp0081443_03-1.jpg GRAPHIC 15514
20 GRAPHIC fp0081443_04-1.jpg GRAPHIC 33920
21 GRAPHIC fp0081443_05-1.jpg GRAPHIC 21576
22 GRAPHIC fp0081443_06-1.jpg GRAPHIC 36034
23 GRAPHIC fp0081443_07-1.jpg GRAPHIC 17497
24 GRAPHIC fp0081443_08-1.jpg GRAPHIC 46023
25 GRAPHIC fp0081443_09-1.jpg GRAPHIC 14815
26 GRAPHIC fp0081443_10-1.jpg GRAPHIC 3362
27 GRAPHIC fp0081443_11-1.jpg GRAPHIC 47955
  Complete submission text file 0001398344-23-000458.txt   12750117

Series and Classes/Contracts Information:

  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000915802      
Series S000019569   ALPS/Red Rocks Global Opportunity Fund
Class/Contract C000054404   Investor Shares LPEFX
Class/Contract C000054405   Class I LPEIX
Class/Contract C000054406   Class R LPERX
Class/Contract C000090359   Class C LPFCX
Class/Contract C000200954   Class A LPFAX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000915802      
Series S000028470   ALPS/CoreCommodity Management CompleteCommodities Strategy Fund
Class/Contract C000087089   Investor Shares JCRAX
Class/Contract C000087090   Class C JCRCX
Class/Contract C000087091   Class I JCRIX
Class/Contract C000200957   Class A JCCSX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000915802      
Series S000029518   RiverFront Asset Allocation Growth & Income
Class/Contract C000090577   Investor Shares RLGAX
Class/Contract C000090578   Class C RLGCX
Class/Contract C000090579   Class I RLIIX
Class/Contract C000200960   Class A RAGIX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000915802      
Series S000030224   ALPS | Kotak India ESG Fund
Class/Contract C000093015   Investor Shares INDAX
Class/Contract C000093016   Class C INFCX
Class/Contract C000093017   Class I INDIX
Class/Contract C000200962   Class A INAAX
Class/Contract C000215313   Class II
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000915802      
Series S000062209   ALPS/Smith Short Duration Bond Fund
Class/Contract C000201375   Class A
Class/Contract C000201376   Class C
Class/Contract C000201377   Class I
Class/Contract C000201378   Investor Shares
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000915802      
Series S000062210   ALPS/Smith Total Return Bond Fund
Class/Contract C000201379   Class A
Class/Contract C000201380   Class C
Class/Contract C000201381   Class I
Class/Contract C000201382   Investor Shares
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000915802      
Series S000069460   ALPS | Smith Balanced Opportunity Fund
Class/Contract C000221738   Investor Class ALIBX
Class/Contract C000221739   Class C ALCBX
Class/Contract C000221740   Class I ALPBX
Class/Contract C000221741   Class A ALABX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000915802      
Series S000069461   ALPS | Smith Credit Opportunities Fund
Class/Contract C000221742   Investor Class SMCVX
Class/Contract C000221743   Class A SMCAX
Class/Contract C000221744   Class C SMCCX
Class/Contract C000221745   Class I SMCRX
Mailing Address P.O. BOX 328 DENVER CO 80201-0328
Business Address P.O. BOX 328 DENVER CO 80201-0328 3036232577
FINANCIAL INVESTORS TRUST (Filer) CIK: 0000915802 (see all company filings)

IRS No.: 841255767 | State of Incorp.: DE | Fiscal Year End: 0430
Type: N-CSR | Act: 40 | File No.: 811-08194 | Film No.: 23518325