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EDGAR Public Dissemination Service (PDS) System
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The EDGAR Public Dissemination Service (PDS) System became operational on November 1, 1998, to provide the public an accurate, complete and fast method of obtaining all accepted and valid EDGAR filings. This privatized system is managed by Attain, LLC and is the primary source to receive all public EDGAR filings. Subscribers are required to enter into a Subscription Agreement with Attain, LLC. The subscription price is set annually by Attain, LLC, using a weighted average methodology based on the number of primary feeds for subscribers at the beginning of the each year. Subscriber organizations can be invoiced annually or monthly.

Subscriber services include:

  • Being forwarded all public filings acquired and accepted by EDGAR at the same time as filings are sent to the SEC from EDGAR
  • Real-time transmission of all valid public filings pushed out to subscribers via internet connections — all EDGAR accepted files are forwarded to the subscriber as soon as the PDS System receives them
  • Secondary Feeds available to subscribers at significant reduction from Primary Feed price
  • Re-transmission of public filings that failed to be successfully delivered to subscribers due to problems encountered during connection and/or transmission to subscribers — tracking of all files sent and received
  • A Failover System that provides delivery of public filings from alternative PDS server in the event service from primary PDS sever becomes unavailable
  • Access to archive data of all recently accepted and transmitted filings
  • Six hours of support per year from the PDS Helpdesk, with additional support at a nominal hourly rate

For more information please contact:

Contracts and Business Support:

Christina Mumm
Phone: 703.822.5894
E-mail: christina.mumm@attain.com


Technical Support:

PDS Helpdesk
Phone: 877.537.4737
E-mail: PDSHelpdesk@attain.com

EDGAR Public Dissemination Service New Subscriber Document

The EDGAR PDS New Subscriber Document (updated 07/01/2014) provides configuration, testing, maintenance, and billing information to potential and existing subscribers of the EDGAR public dissemination service feed. This document was updated to reflect the transition of PDS to Attain, LLC with updated contact information.

EDGAR Public Dissemination Subsystem Technical Specification Document

The EDGAR PDS Technical Specification Document (updated 07/01/2014) describes the format for the various files disseminated to EDGAR subscribers. It also provides the definitions for each element in the file. This document was updated to reflect the transition of PDS to Attain, LLC.



Modified: 07/02/2014