The following videos are referenced in the SEC's complaint filed against Timothy Atkinson, All In Publishing LLC, William E. Berry, Berry Mediaworks LLC, Jay Passerino, and Shmuel Pollen on Sept. 27, 2018, in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. More Info

According to the SEC's complaints, these videos were produced and disseminated by the defendants and used to con investors out of millions of dollars. The SEC alleges that in an attempt to destroy evidence of their involvement, the defendants have since removed or disabled access to the websites that hosted the videos. The web addresses referenced in various videos no longer exist.

The SEC has not altered the content of these videos other than to indicate they are now being used in litigation against the defendants. While the videos no longer pose a threat to the investing public, investors are encouraged to view them here to better understand what fraud looks like ...

Push Money

Everyday people claim they went from rags to riches by simply clicking a button on an app every day to make extraordinary amounts of money that have made their dreams come true. "Witness the history of money-making change forever right before your eyes."

Auto Money System

A boyfriend and girlfriend demonstrate the "Auto Money App" saying they'll show viewers everything they need to do to get set up so the money starts rolling in. "All you have to do is not mess up from this point forward and you'll be making money within the next 90 seconds ... guaranteed."

Cash Code

Viewers are promised, "This website you are on right now has made more millionaires in the past 6 months than any other website on earth," and by simply listening to this video and doing what it says, "you, too, can be a millionaire 60 days from now."

Secret Millionaire Society

Viewers are invited to become a member of a "Secret Millionaire Society" complete with mansions and luxury cars by simply watching the video carefully until the end to "learn the secret to making more money in seconds than most people make in a month."

Free Money System

A host who says he's called "The Green Machine ... for obvious reasons" tells viewers that since he discovered this free money system, "I've made over 48 million dollars ... just by clicking my mouse ..."

Millionaire's Club

Viewers are promised that this can be the year they celebrate New Year's Eve as a millionaire thanks to "unbelievably profitable software." The narrator claims he is "for real" and his bank account grew by $8,500 the first day and "I did no research, this wasn't gambling, I did no work at all."