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Negative Values, July 25, 2016

July 25, 2016

Filers may enter an amount as a negative value in the instance document, and they can use the presentation link base to select a negating label, with each action serving a different purpose and achieving a different result separately or combined. We have noted many cases of filers incorrectly entering amounts as negative values that should have been entered as positive values, and vice versa. The standard taxonomy is designed so that amounts are entered with positive values for most elements. However, filers should first decide whether to enter an amount as a positive or negative value based on the meaning of the particular element, most significantly its documentation text and its debit/credit balance attributes. To display a negative value in the EDGAR renderer, filers can change the amount rendered within brackets by negating the label in the presentation link base. Conversely, if an amount is entered as a positive value, it will render without brackets. See EFM 6.6.30 and 6.11.6 and Staff Observations and Guidance for more information. 

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