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EDGAR® Renderer

June 22, 2015

EDGAR® Renderer was deployed on June 22, 2015, replacing the previous version

This software enables investors to view SEC XBRL filings. It produces backward-compatible renderings and benefits end users by executing faster than EDGAR® Renderer (on average). Also, EDGAR® Renderer 3 is built on open source software widely used for XBRL processing, thus making it easier to extend for incorporation into filing tools.

The XBRL Previewer, which is now using EDGAR® Renderer, can be found at The Previewer provides the capability to test how an XBRL submission will appear on the SEC's website when submitted via EDGAR®. The Previewer is only a test mechanism and does not constitute an official filing.

The application and its source code are available at

Comments on EDGAR® Renderer 3 may be submitted to Please include “Edgar Renderer 3” in the subject of your email.

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