Investor Advisory Committee — Subcommittees

Following are the Subcommittee names and membership (which the Investor Advisory Committee most recently updated on June 7, 2016):

Investor as Owner Subcommittee:

Roy Katzovicz (chair)
Joseph V. Carcello (vice chair)

J. (Jay) Robert Brown, Jr.
Adam Kanzer
Anne Sheehan
Damon Silvers
Susan Wyderko

Investor as Purchaser Subcommittee:

Barbara Roper (chair)
Roger Ganser (vice chair)

James Glassman
Craig Goettsch
Joseph Grundfest
Hester Peirce
Jean Setzfand

Market Structure Subcommittee:

Steven Wallman (chair)
Darcy Bradbury (vice chair)

Rick Fleming
Stephen Holmes
Kurt Schacht