SEC Feds Feed Families - 48 Tons of Groceries to Local Food Banks

During the summer and fall of 2018, the SEC staff donated 97,731 lbs. of groceries to local food banks across the country in support of this year’s Feds Feed Families campaign. Staff from the agency’s headquarters and 11 regional offices participated in the federal government campaign. Thanks to their generosity, many needy and deserving adults and their children will have healthy breakfasts to start their days, after-school snacks to enjoy while finishing homework and fulfilling dinners to share with each other. At SEC headquarters, staff competed in a "Food Castle Challenge" to design and build a structure made out of nonperishable food items.

photo of cans stacked in the shape of a pencil
photo of cans stacked as a giant throne
photo of cans stacked in the shape of a castle
photo of nonperishable food items in front of a donation box
photo of boxes used to collect food for the Capital Area Food Bank
photo of a man loading boxes of donated food into a truck