Equity Market Structure Advisory Committee — Market Quality Subcommittee

Summary Minutes of July 14, 2016 Meeting

The Market Quality Subcommittee held a call on July 14, 2016, to discuss the Subcommittee’s preliminary recommendations.

The call convened at approximately 1:00 p.m. via telephone. The following Subcommittee members were on the call:

Matt Andresen
Reginald Browne
Mehmet Kinak
Eric Noll

The following staff from the Division of Trading and Markets joined the call:

John Roeser
Daniel Gray
Vince Vuong
Benjamin Kalish
Arisa Kettig

The first order of business was a discussion focused on the Subcommittee’s preliminary recommendations regarding limit-up/limit-down.

The next order of business was a brief discussion regarding additional topics for future Subcommittee consideration, including ETFs, ATS transparency, and market data.

The meeting concluded at approximately 1:20 p.m.