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As markets evolve, the Securities and Exchange Commission continues to stay informed and adapt to the changing needs of market participants. On May 31, 2019, the SEC hosted its second-ever FinTech Forum to specifically cover distributed ledger technology and digital assets. It was also the first forum sponsored by the SEC’s recently-created Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology (FinHub).

““As innovators are looking to use new technologies to carry out activities historically carried out by regulated intermediaries, it is critical for us regulators to understand the nature of these technologies – including their potential benefits as well as their risks." "We want to encourage beneficial innovation while guarding against any harmful consequences.”
– Valerie Szczepanik, head of the SEC’s FinHub

Fintech Forum

After opening remarks from Chairman Jay Clayton and Commissioner Hester Peirce, staff from the SEC moderated four panels with FinTech insiders. The panels covered capital formation, trading and markets, investment management, and distributed ledger technology industry trends and specific use cases for financial markets. A recording of the forum is available on the webcast archive page.

Staff from the SEC’s FinHub also used the FinTech Forum to announce the SEC’s new visiting scholars program that is seeking digital asset experts. Those interested should visit for more information.

chairman Jay Clayton at the Fintech Forum