MRO roundtable

MRO Roundtable with Chairman talking to people

Chairman Jay Clayton and SEC senior staff recently sat down with retail investors in Coral Gables, FL to discuss retail investors’ relationships with their financial professionals and the SEC’s newly proposed Best Interest rule. The proposed rule seeks to align investor expectations with legal requirements while preserving consumer choice and access to investment services and products.

Chairman Clayton was joined at the roundtable event by Miami Regional Office Director Eric Bustillo, Office of Investor Education and Advocacy Director Lori Schock, Division of Investment Management Deputy Director and Chief Counsel Paul Cellupica, and Division of Trading and Markets Assistant Chief Counsel Lourdes Gonzalez.

MRO Roundtable and the signup table

MRO Roundtable with Eric Bustillo, Lori Schock, and Jay Clayton

The July 9 roundtable at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL was the latest installment of the SEC’s “Tell Us about Your Investor Experience” events in cities across the country to hear first-hand from the very investors the SEC’s rules are meant to benefit.

At the Miami roundtable, Chairman Clayton, and SEC staff engaged nearly 30 participants in robust discussion regarding the SEC’s proposed rulemaking, how to make improvements, and how to make sure retail investors have the information they need.

The Miami roundtable followed a June 13 roundtable discussion with retail investors in Atlanta. Upcoming “Tell Us” roundtable meetings will take place in Washington, Philadelphia, and Denver.