From: Vern Wilson
Sent: August 5, 2005
Subject: File No. SR-NASD-2004-183

Vern Wilson
6363 Woodway, # 640
Houston, TX 77057

August 5, 2005

Jonathan G. Katz
Secretary, Securities and Exchange Commission Securities and Exchange Commission 100 F Street, NE Washington, DC 20549-9309

Jonathan Katz:

I urge you to NOT approve proposed NASD rule imposing specific suitability requirements on Deferred Variable Annuities.

As a very seasoned insurance/financial professional, I would find any additional rules clearly redundant. There are now sufficient suitability requirements in place to regulate the sale of these products. My contention is that a vast majority of those sales deemed "unsuitable" are made by "second guessers" with an axe to grind - or by buyers chagrined by a return less than they had "visualized". I challenge anyone to contact my client base and locate a person who, even today, would declare his purchase "unsuitable" for his situation.

I still contend that any "abusers" out there can be properly regulated by existing rules. We do not need anything additional.

Respectfully Submitted,

Vern Wilson, Jr., CLU