From: Anonymous
Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2006 3:51 PM
To: Rule-Comments
Subject: SR-NASD-2004-183

I have been a licensed insurance agent for over 14 years and have had my series 6/63 for almost that long. It is my belief that the vast majority of currently active agents who present varialble annuities are honest and ethical individuals. We strive to do complete fact findings about our clients, addressing their needs and wishes. I believe that this is borne out by the fact that although ins. agents account for over 50% of all reg reps, the complaints about VA is less than 1/2 of one percent. This is far less than comlaints about mutual funds and individual securities.

It seems that this is an effort to solve a problem that is not there. In addition, current regulations cover much of the same ground and continued enforcement, should continue the low rate of complaints about VA's.

An additional concern is the increased requirement of second guessing and oversight by home office individuals in situations where they are not as informed as the field agent. The current level of review appears to be sufficient when looking at the small amount of complaints being made about VA's.

I request that the SEC disapprove NASD proposed rule 2821.