From: Elaine
Sent: August 15, 2006
Subject: File No. SR-NASD-2004-183

Dear Ms. Morris:

I have been a registered representative for 28 years, all the while simply doing my best to help people save for their retirement years. During that time, the variable annuity product has been an attractive tool to help them both save and ultimately distribute funds as available and needed.

I an writing to oppose and changes to the current suitability rules and regulations as it relates to the suitability and oversight of the variable annuity product. For the citizens of this country, it is time we ask you not to take action that will further slow the work of good representatives helping good people. With the current rules in place, adequate oversight is present. It merely needed to be enforced on those that do not have the best interests of the consumer at hand.

I have always worked to do the highest quality of ethical work for my clients. Because of the continual layering of more and more regulation, I am not able to help as many people as in the past, plus I am having to higher more and more staff to just manage all the paperwork from the layering of requirements.

I believe this country faces a huge crisis of people without adequate finances to fund their retirement years. I believe it is essential to keep as many quality representatives at work as possible to help more clients, and merely use the current requirements to handle the few unethical members of a much needed industry. I fully support such enforcement, as bad work makes the consumer more cautious, thus riding the industry of those that do not belong is a good thing. But, we must stop to continual slowdown by imposing the toughest rules on those that simply live and work to serve others. In that service, we are helping Americans to be self sufficient and self sustaining. I do not believe that the government can serve the entire population, thus please leave us to do our work.

Thank you for the consideration of my request.