August 31, 2005

Concerning NASD-2821

Dear Sir or Ms,

Having seen a variety of senior citizens "ripped off" by unscrupulous variable annuity sales people, Yes, I think it is about time that the public is protected. It appears this rule will help stop unsuitable investments (the annuity) sales to unsuspecting, less than knowledgeable individuals.

I would also suggest that the following also be required to be disclosed to the consumer: dollar amount of commission, mortality and expense charge-dollar amount, dollar amount of surrender fees depending on what year it is surrendered, any soft-dollar incentive upon sale (trips to Hawaii, etc)

In other words , FULL DISCLOSURE of all fees and incentives to the consumer.

Thank you.

Brian R. Carlton, CFP
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor
Huff, Stuart & Carlton
Investment and Wealth Management Fee-Only