Subject: File No. SR-Amex-2005-072
From: Rayburn L. Blair, Dr.
Affiliation: Pastor

January 26, 2006

You are to be commended for your decision announced to the American people last week concerning a silver ETF. Please do not be intimidated by the SUA's war against it. They are rich, organized, and therefore politically powerful...but their thousands of employees do not know the issues and are not at all interested. It won't change their salaries or lives one bit. On the other hand, the thousands of silver mine workers and silver investors are informed and extremely interested. You allowed a gold ETF and it is only fair to allow a silver ETF. Besides, preventing one is probably contrary to U.S. law and would no doubt result in a number of legal actions. My interest is in simple justice, fairmess, and opportunity for the average citizen to invest in what may be the opportunity of a lifetime. Please just do the "right" thing. Thanks in advance. Rayburn Blair