Subject: File No. SR-Amex-2005-072
From: Jeff L Glassley, D.D.S.
Affiliation: Dentist

February 17, 2006

Dear Sirs : Please consider the silver ETF as a viable investment vehical for an average invester like myself. I have wanted to invest in silver before, but buying silver in size you have a storage problem. To invest 10,000 in silver you have a 60lb. shipping and storage concern. I would like to own real silver in size but my options are limited. I would utilize an investment vehical like the proposed silver ETF to invest in silver in size - that option is not currently available. Please approve the silver ETF so the average investor has the oppertunity to invest in silver like you can in gold and other investments. I know the silver Users Association is applying pressure to abandon this investment oppertunity. Please allow the little guy to invest in silver. The SUA will use all their might to again push their best interests through and step on an oppertunity of the small investor. Sincerely Jeffrey L. Glassley