Subject: File No. SR-Amex-2005-072
From: Garry Bishop

January 27, 2006

Regarding the proposed Silver ETF. First, thank you for the invitation for comments on the proposed silver ETF. I am a private citizen on the USA. The greatest asset of this great country of ours is freedom. The Silver Users Association (SUA), in collusion with commercial floor traders on the COMEX futures exchanges have apparently conspired to keep the price of silver below what a free market would allow. This is best evidenced by the massive long term short positions held by the COMEX floor traders, as well as the current opposition by the SUA to the proposed silver ETF. Please send a clear signal to the American people that the SEC is committed to allowing free market trading in ALL commodities and equities. This would best be evidenced by a timely approval of the proposed silver ETF. America is watching what you do about this proposed ETF. Should you decide to not approve it, you will send a message that not only are the markets manipulated, but that the SEC is in collusion with that manipulation. Should you decide to approve it, you will hear a sigh of relief through the hearts of millions of Americans that the SEC can be trusted to protect the freedoms of regular American citizens. Thank you for your consideration of my comments.