James W. Burns


100 Business Park Drive

Princeton, NJ 08542-088

Jonathan G. Katz

Secretary, Securities and Exchange Commission

450 Fifth Street, NW

Washington, D.C. 20549-0609

Dear Mr. Katz

The following comments are with respect to File no. S7-9-99. BLOOMBERG L.P. is a subscriber to the EDGAR feed provided by the SEC via TRW. BLOOMBERG L. P. has gone to great lengths and considerable effort in preparing these comments. However, BLOOMBERG L.P. feels that the commentary period has been too short and will not reasonably represent the viewpoints of the disseminators. With the exception of preliminary documents, specifications on the changes to the EDGAR feed for EDGAR release 6.5 were not made available until April 9, 1999. As such disseminators, have not been provided a substantial commentary period.



Until the above issues are resolved and disseminators can be provided the proper amount of time to reasonably prepare systems for their end-users, the May 24, 1999 date should be extended and the EDGAR release 6.5 should be pushed back.



Jim Burns