Subject: File No. S7-38-04
From: W. Forrest Tempel
Affiliation: FlyLine Partners, L.P.

January 18, 2005

I just wanted to take a second to jot you a quick note regarding the “net roadshow” format and its benefits to a smaller institutional investor that IS NOT located in one of the major metropolitan statistical areas. We are based in Fort Worth Texas and this is almost our ONLY opportunity to receive ANY detailed presentation information and have an opportunity to hear management tell their story. We consider this imperative information and without this capability, you are restricting us from participating in many different IPOs. It is precisely this access that allows us to better judge an initial public offering for our investors.

Please take this as our comment of support for the current system. While it may not be perfect, it certainly benefits us more than it is a detriment.

Kindest Regards,


W. Forrest Tempel
FlyLine Partners, L.P.
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Suite 103
Fort Worth, TX 76102
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