Subject: File No. S7-25-99
From: Joseph M. D'Ambrosio, CFP
Affiliation: Partner, Lewis, McBeth & D'Ambrosio, LLP

September 10, 2004

To whom it may concerns:

It is become apparent that the last round of financial firms taking advantages of general public has not been enough for the SEC to pay attention to the public plight.

Now you want to let product salesman ( stockbrokers) charge fees for advice because they can sell the public stocks. Giving stock advice us and doing actual financial planning for a fee is dramatic difference. Soon many people will, be told that acquiring certain stocks will be all the planning they need to do, and since they paid a person a fee the general public will actually believe that they have done planning.

Haven't we learned yet?

Joseph M. D'Ambrosio, CFP
Lewis, McBeth & D'Ambrosio, LLP

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