From: Mark Hummel []
Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 9:48 AM
Subject: (s7-23-03) Upset that Naked Short Sales Rules have been postponed!

Dear Rep,

I am extremely displeased that the brokerage houses have negotiated an extended date to implement this clearly unethical injustice. Your agency had given them ample time to comply and they failed, with an end result of you giving them more time. The amount of improper trading of short shares is out of control and most likely the reason that the brokerage houses needed more time. This practice must be stopped immediately. They have the ability to manipulate stock prices with the rules loosely defined and I can not help but think that some, more actually, people take advantage of this. Please close this loophole as soon as possible and without prejudice!


Mark Hummel
Concerned Investor