From: David E. []
Sent: December 24, 2004
Subject: File No. S7-23-03

ATTN: Jonathan G. Katz, Secretary

Subject: Naked Short selling

Naked short selling is an illegal activity and should be considered as a very serious crime/offence. Not only does it hurt investors who lose there hard earned money, these potentially good young companies are dying as well. Companies go public for one reason and that is to have access to public capital to raise additional funds to help achieve there goals and grow. By allowing naked short selling and artifitially pushing down these stock prices, companies can not raise the funds they need to grow. Most companies either give in or lose the battle and go bankrupt.

These companies help our economy grow and hire new employees who currently may be out of work. So not only are we hurting investors, we are allowing these naked shorters to hurt our economy, the unemployeed population, and the future of our country.

This is a very serious i ssue and should not be taken lightly. Get these creeps and make them pay for there actions. They have gotten away with this for way to long already, now we have talk of terrorists and money launderers being involved in "Naked shorting." That in it self should be the icing on the cake for this issue. Something needs to be done.

What are we waiting for?


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