From: cristina a. barrett []
Sent: December 20, 2003
Subject: File No. S7-23-03

SHO s7

CHAIRMAN OF SEC, SENATORS, MR. SPITZER, AND THOSE LISTED: TIME TO STOP THE MARKET MAKERS, OFF SHORE BROKERS AND OTHER NAKED SHORTERS THAT DO NOT SETTLE TRADES AS THEY SHOULD IN A TIMELY MANNER...IF EVER. SMALL COMPANIES ARE BEING RAPED AND PILLAGED AND THERE IS NO RELIEF AS THE POWERS THAT BE, TURN THEIR HEADS FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS THAT I CAN ATTEST TO, since the almost beginning of the internet. the keeping of the 'status quo' and 'doing business as usual' as small bulletin board companies and pink sheet companies are destroyed is no longer acceptable. mr renbaum tells callers to invest in non bb and pink stocks, as the solution. robbery is robbery and it needs to be dealt with. no more bandits at the gates. make them pay for what they have taken in the past, the present and NO more in the future. you have 97 companies that have filed to leave the DTC due to their stocks being shorted with reckless abandon with no rules being applied. read the statement below by my pers of california. we are tired of mutual fund robbery, but, even more upset with out right naked shorting of stocks, and , never settling trades . it is time to pay up. resstitution is due.

There seems to be a major disconnect at the SEC," says Jack Ehnes, CEO of the California State Teachers' Retirement System (Calstrs), the nation's third-largest pension fund, with $105 billion in assets. "We, our financial markets, are in the middle of a major thunderstorm and yet the SEC is saying, 'Let's put off our problems for a rainy day.'

cristina a. barrett
share holder in pcbm npct and other stocks being naked shorted and
non-settlement of trades