From: Tim Slack []
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2004 5:51 PM

I am firmly in favor of shareholder representation not only being "allowed" on Boards of public companies, but furthermore am in favor of tearing down the walls (well, let's call it "remodeling the barriers") placed there by existing corporate policies and SEC regulations. I own stocks in several public companies. If I want to run for one of the Boards of Directors, it is onorous and outrageous for me to have to fund my own nomination while incumbent directors use company (i.e. shareholder) money to nominate, publish, elicit and count votes for their own (re)election.

Open the process. Make it easier for shareholders to gain representation and I predict that serial corporate scandals will diminish. Anything lessthan openness is the corporate interest serving themselves, and that's what got us into Enron, Tyco, etc etc etc. Anything that tends toward elimination of those varieties of excess, abuses of authority, and creates more transparency in corporate governance is to be welcomed and fostered.

Thank you.

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