From: Steve Hingtgen []
Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 6:31 PM
Subject: (s7-19-03) Security holder director nominations

As an owner and a board member of a small privately held company and an investor in the stock market I fully support the SEC proposal to allow access for investor nominees on proxy ballots.

I will add that I think the conditions and limits for your proposed rule change are to strict, but I fully support any change that makes the management team and the board of directors for publicly held companies more accountable to the shareholders. Too many corporate insiders profess to welcome sharp-elbowed competition in the marketplace, but think board members should simply nod and agree with whatever the leaders say.

It is my opinion that your proposed rule change will help establish two important rights: investor access to the proxy ballot and a meaningful shareholder role in the voting. This rule will give shareholders a real voice and choice in selecting directors to oversee the corporations they own.

Thank you for looking out for the shareholders.


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