From: Paul O'Rell []
Sent: March 30, 2004
Subject: File No. S7-19-03

Changes in how the directors of boards of companies elect their members are long overdue. As shareholder owners of the company they are having there legitimate rights usurped by those in power at the top of most corporations. This is why we keep having the problems we have where corporate officers and directors continuously run roughshod over the shareholders with there power and greed. The system needs democratic change. To let this continue is an affront to OUR democratic system . The idea that these folks who have this power at the present that it is necessary for corporate operations to be done for the better of that corporation is greed and arrogance beyond comprehension. These folks were not all born with a management gene that makes them superior to others, they mostly find themselves in their positions through their own happenstance of life and not through any great wisdom or abilities that is necessarily any greater than that of the ordinary shareholder.

Thank You,

Paul O'Rell