From: []
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2004 5:08 PM
Subject: S7-19-03


As a small investor for over 30 years, typical of so many in America today, I have stock market investments in my 401K, IRA, and in an individual account. All totaled it represents less than $400,000, but it does represent over 60% of my net worth. For this reason I take stock investing very seriously. I study the financial statements and public news and filter through it with my business and economics degree education and growing school of hard knocks experience, recently added to by the likes of Astro Power. Frankly, the decisions of many corporate boards and management show less insight than I would have provided for a small fraction of the pay.

It is critical that rules be adopted that increase the voice of average share holders and to the accountability of directors and management, often being one and the same. Without nominating powers, share holders are simply handed a rubber stamp by the board of directors and told to take it or leave it! This has grown into an aberration in consolidation of power that has contributed to misuse of power and the growing disparity between haves and have nots. The working class and all stock holders must be ensured an increasing voice or the natural consequence will be a delayed but larger revolt that could negatively impact the entire nation.


rely a small representation of small stock holders would add to the transparency needed to maintain and grow confidence in the US form of capitalism. Please support the ability of all shareholders to nominate directors to corporate boards without adding burdens not born by the existing board to reelect themselves or associates.


Mark Kalagorgevich