From: Fred Beisser
Sent: March 16, 2004
Subject: File No. S7-14-04


Regarding file number S-7-14-04 which addresses the electronic filing of Forms ID to obtain SEC Edgar access codes.

I am pleased to see the move toward processing Form ID electronically. However, I am very disappointed to learn that a notarized manually signed signature must be separately submitted on a paper copy of the Form ID. There is a cost of obtaining the notarization that appears not to have been addressed when one considers the time required to travel to a notary if none is not located in-house, wait for service and return to the office. As you are aware, personal appearance of the signing person is required for authentification of a signature. Accordingly, the cost increases significantly from a de minimis cost in cash to an hour or two of time that a senior executive could better put to use improving company operations.

It appears to me that your anticipated use of Verisign in the future will overcome this. In the interim, the present Form ID does not require notarization, so it would appear that the excess cost of notarization is not necessary.


Fred Beisser