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Nominating Committee
Model Charter Language
Board Diversity


Calvert's goal in developing model charter language on board diversity is to give companies a means to formalize their commitment to an independent and inclusive board. We have taken the approach of suggesting language appropriate for different sections of a Nominating Committee Charter, based on the style and approach of the Board to the Charter construction. For ease of reference, we have included in bold below a suggested table of contents for a Nominating Committee Charter. We have indicated under which heading Calvert's model language on board diversity may be inserted.

I. Purpose

  • (1) The Board believes that diversity is an important attribute of a well-functioning board. It is the responsibility of the Nominating Committee to recommend for selection qualified candidates to serve as directors of the Company. Among the responsibilities of the Nominating Committee shall be to advise the Board on matters of diversity including race, gender, culture, thought and geography, and recommend, as necessary, measures contributing to a Board, that as a whole, reflects a range of viewpoints, backgrounds, skills, experience, and expertise.

II. Organization

III. Composition of the Committee

IV. Meetings and Procedures of the Committee

V. Goals and Responsibilities

  • (2) The Nominating Committee shall develop a set of criteria for Board membership that strives to attain a diversity of background and skills for the Board. The Committee shall also create a search protocol that seeks qualified Board candidates from, among other areas, the traditional corporate environment, government, academia, private enterprise, non-profit organizations, and professions such as accounting, human resources, and legal services.

  • (3) In the process of searching for qualified persons to serve on the Board the Nominating Committee shall strive for the inclusion of diverse groups, knowledge, and viewpoints. To accomplish this, the Committee may retain an executive search firm to help meet the Committee's diversity objective as well as form alliances with organizations representing the interests of women and minorities. In connection with its efforts to create and maintain a diverse Board, the Nominating Committee will:

    1. (3a) Develop recruitment protocols that seek to include diverse candidates in any director search. These protocols should take into account that qualified, but often overlooked, candidates may be found in a broad array of organizations, including academic institutions, privately held businesses, nonprofit organizations, and trade associations, in addition to the traditional candidate pool of corporate directors and officers.

    2. (3b) Strive to use, to their fullest potential, the current network of organizations and trade groups that may help identify diverse candidates.

    3. (3c)Periodically review director recruitment and selection protocols so that diversity remains a component of any director search.

  • (4) The Nominating Committee shall seek diverse populations, expertise, and viewpoints for representation on the Board. The Board recognizes, however, that the representation of specific may vary over time.

VI. Investigations and Studies: Outside Advisers

VII. Performance Evaluations

  • (5) The Nominating Committee shall periodically review Board composition to ensure that the Board reflects a balance of knowledge, experience, skills, expertise and diversity, including racial and gender diversity required for the Board to fulfill its duties.