August 18, 2000

Commissioner Laura S. Unger

Dear Madam:

As a practicing Certified Public Accountant in Ohio for 20 years I am concerned by some recent proposed rules promulgated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. These rules would limit the ability of a CPA to provide our clients, either public or nonpublic entities, the necessary business services that our profession has worked so hard to develop and train ourselves in. I believe, that the public desires our services because of the trust and integrity that our profession, for the most part, has earned.

For a CPA To effectively audit an entity, the auditor must understand the business and industry, culture, people, systems, risk considerations and virtually everything of a material nature involving the entity. As a result, the entity naturally and wisely turns to the CPA for advice.

The profession has done a wonderful job in setting standards for CPA's in training, education, and competence in fulfilling the responsibility to perform audits that the public can trust and value.

I believe that these SEC initiatives are flawed for the following reasons;

I believe regulation has a place when it is well thought and targeted to help the public. I believe that this is not one of those times.

Thank-you for your consideration regarding this matter.

Very truly yours,



Bradley H. Ridge, CPA