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Comments on Proposed Rule:
Revision of the Commission's Auditor Independence Requirements

[Release Nos. 33-7870; 34-42994; 35-27193; IC-24549; IA-1884; File No. S7-13-00]

Author: "{USER_FIRSTNAME} {USER_LASTNAME}" at Internet Date: 10/02/2000 11:07 PM Normal TO: RULE-COMMENTS at 03SEC Subject: File No. S7-13-00 ------------------------------- Message Contents Dear SEC Folks: The auditing of finances of the companies I invest in is very important to me. I want to know that I can rely on the figures that come up on my screen and in my papers. Small individual investors such as myself don't have a chance, if the information we are getting is rigged. If an auditor has a financial interest in a company, or is doing consulting work as well as auditing, I know I can't trust the figures I am seeing. I want to be able to count on the SEC to help me have a fair chance with my investments. My investments are small by objective standards, but they're big to me. Can I count on my government to watch out on my behalf? Thanks for your consideration. Janet GAstil jgastil@earthlink.net

Author: Charles Gregory at Internet Date: 10/02/2000 6:06 PM Normal TO: RULE-COMMENTS at 03SEC Subject: file no. 57-13-00 ------------------------------- Message Contents I side with Arthur Levitt and John Bogle on this issue. Separate auditing and consulting services makes sense.

Author: at Internet Date: 10/02/2000 10:48 PM Normal TO: RULE-COMMENTS at 03SEC Subject: File No. S7-13-00 ------------------------------- Message Contents To the SEC I am concerned about the possible conflict of interest when auditing firms also be come consultants. Please work to insure that auditing firms are not allowed to become consultants to the same firms that they are auditing. Independence is too likely to be impaired in such a situation, and this should concern us all. Don Snelgrove An investor