To: Rule Comments
From: Derek White
Subject: File No. S7-10-05
Date: December 12, 2005

As both an investor and a technology professional in the financial services industry, I would like to comment on File# S7-10-05.

Some of the comments posted thus far have little or nothing to do with the issue at hand. Instead, some have used this forum to promote their respective propaganda under the guise of "shareholder rights." However, I am a shareholder and I don't believe any of these organizations have spoken for me.

What I believe is being missed up to this point in the discussion is the residual benefit of this proposed rule to shareholders. I would dare to say that most small investors typically do not read the materials accompanying the proxy card, anyway. I would also declare that most of the larger investors have easy access to a computer. Regardless, any shareholder, small or large, who desires a paper copy, may request one, and per the proposed rule the Company is required to provide it at no cost to the shareholder. The residual effect of reducing the amount of printed materials is that the Company, whether it be a corporate stock or mutual fund, will benefit from significant savings, which will subsequently be passed on either as a dividend or increased value of the investment.

Certainly, some investors - as you can see by several responses - will always want the paper documents. However, I believe I speak for most shareholders when I say that I would prefer to never receive the paper documents, so long as the Company provides easy electronic access to the documents.

Derek White, Missouri