I am a licensed Insurance sales person and a Registered Representative who sells Mutual Funds. Your efforts to end inappropriate practices of the Mutual Fund industry is commendable.I think that I would probably look at the Mutual Funds buying shelf space at different broker dealers instead of the 12b-1 charges.For example having Edward Jones selling shelf space to the different fund companies for 140 Million Dollars per year would probably have greater influence on the management to encourage the Registered Representative to sell that fund regardless of the fees involved.Another thought is to have different that can be charged on Mutual Funds that have been closed to new investors.It would seem that the capital need for advertising expense would be less.I have never seen a one size fits all when these rules are implemented.However on funds the size of the Fidelity Magellan the 12b-1 expenses should be lower because of the sheer volume than on smaller funds and the fact that it is occasionally closed to new investors.


William E. Myers
609 Southern Row
Teutopolis, IL. 62467