To whom it may concern...

I am a registered rep and life insurance agent.I began in this business before 12b1 fees existed.My experience with my clients is that they want choices in how they pay for their investment purchases.Approximately 90% of my mutual fund owning clients buy A shares,9% buy C shares and 1% buy B shares.Years ago they didn't have these choices.A shares cost 8 1/2%, now they cost no more than 5 3/4% upfront with a 25 basis point trailer.

My clients expect me to be compensated for ongoing service and investment reviews.We use a financial security planning process that focuses on their goals and objectives.I believe my clients get good value from this compensation arrangement compared to the annuity business which is primarily a B share business that never converts to A shares except for a handful of companies.

The concept of trailing compensation allows me to build a business that focuses on delivering service to a smaller number of clients.If there were no trailers my business model would have to focus on aquiring new clients and new assets.The unethical salesperson might be tempted to advise more swithching which drives up client costs.The current compensation system aligns client and broker to work together which provides win-win solutions.

The market has been moving to asset based compensation.Not because it is less expensive for the consumer but because the consumer prefers to pay as they receive service.But that marketplace decision is not for everyone.Being able to buy A shares is less expensive.I mostly sell this model but I couldn't stay in business without the 12b1 trailers.Fee based accounts are normally too expensive for account less than $250,000.The A share and the C share are better values in this market.

Making the disclosure more transparent is certainly an option.But please consider the consequences.If you increase the costs involved in more disclosure, they client is the one that pays.The broker dealers are not going to reduce their margins.I use the Fram Oil Filter me now or pay me later explain share classes.

I believe I deserve to be paid for my services.The 12b1 fee has worked well for that purpose.Please don't take that option away.


John Tuttle


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