To those considering the elimination of the 12b-1 because it is an onerous costly means of stripping value from an otherwise prudent investment vehicle

Please don't.It makes little sense and is significantly more window dressing than substance.I meet with my investment clients at least annually and the 12b-1 is a small means of compensating our office for the service we provide.If you view the work of advisors and registered representatives as superfluous and unecessary that is another issue(and one I would take issue with-I believe there is research and data to support the value of personal advisors over 800 #-/internet "consultants).I'm not convinced this is smart and ,in the long run,a financially sound action for the American investor.Full disclosure and an open and competitive marketplace serves all of us best.Thanks.

David J. Moffett, CLU, ChFC
Financial Representative
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